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Bison Mat - On a Mission to Upset the Laws of Thermodynamics

At Bison Mat, we’ve spent years perfecting a craft that many people don't really give much thought to. It's a particularly specific area of passion, one that often requires a bit of an introduction to people before they really understand what we do and why we do it. On one hand, it's pretty simple. On another, it takes some education and conversation to unpack what really matters in an office chair mat. Spending money on your home or work office space sometimes takes some convincing.

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The Black Hills Series Chair Mat - What Your Space Needs

Why You Should Spend More Money on a Chair Mat: 

The Black Hills Series Mat from Bison Mat

Most advertising…most good advertising…is telling you how to save money.

Buy Now! Buy One, Get One! One Day Only! Fire Sale! Spend Less, Get More! We’re Liquidating Our Entire Inventory! Factory Pricing! Earth Day Specials!

At Bison Mat, we’re trying out some new messaging:

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Bison Mat Chair Mats - Something to Not Think About

Bison Mat: A One-Time Decision

When we manufacture office chair mats, we do it with the strongest, most durable materials available. We do it thinking about our customers and what they need. We do it with the expectation that they’ll buy a chair mat for their workspace and then never have to think about buying a chair mat for that space again.

At Bison Mat, we’re doing more than building a furniture piece for your office. We’re building efficiency into your work day.

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Bison Mat: Tough as Dirt. Or Nails. Or Something Else that’s Considered Tough.

Bison Mat: A Strong, Dependable Chair Mat 

Maybe you’ve heard that our mats can withstand a shotgun blast from 30 feet*. It's true. If you watch the video here, you’ll see the most ridiculous experiment we’ve ever conducted. 

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been doing the same thing, building strong, quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

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A Real Life Chair Mat Drama: The Britt Norton Story

The Hot Springs Series Bison Mat

Britt runs a consulting business out of his home and relies heavily on his basement office to do his job. When he made the decision to remodel his workspace, it was discovered that mildew had formed underneath the chair mat that he had been using.

Britt had a handful of problems:

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