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I never thought someone could be passionate about a chair mat.  I mean's a mat that you roll around on right?  Well once I became fully submerged in the product, I realized that the product we are selling was helping solve many problems people would call us with!  Not only that, but they would call us again after about 10 years looking to replace the original mat they had purchased from us.  This is when I got really excited!

Have you ever purchased a chair mat to only have it crack on you in 3 months? 6 month? Did it last a year?  Well not only are you having to deal with this large piece of vinyl to trash, but now you have to go back to the big box store to buy another one!

Have you ever gotten stuck in the rut of your chair mat no longer allowing you to roll with ease to access different areas of your office?  Have you done the butt scoot to get it to roll to your destination, to only look down and find you have a wheel stuck in a hole of your mat?  Frustrating right?  Well, good news!  Bison Mat Company has the solution for your office space!

Bison Mat Co. offers four lines of chair mats that you will not find in your big box office store, or home improvement store.  We sell only the products that will truly last you years and relieve those unwanted frustrations!  With a little more upfront investment, you end up saving money in the long run! Not to mention all the trips to the big box store!

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