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The Hot Springs Series Bison Mat

Britt runs a consulting business out of his home and relies heavily on his basement office to do his job. When he made the decision to remodel his workspace, it was discovered that mildew had formed underneath the chair mat that he had been using.

Britt had a handful of problems:

  • He needed to repair the mildew that occurred in his office while also preventing it from returning. The repair was going to be taken care of in the office remodeling project, but without a resolution, it would be a recurring problem.
  • He needed a heavy-duty mat that was thick enough to handle high-pile carpeting and would allow him to move around easily without shifting, cracking, or bowing.
  • He needed a custom-sized floor mat that would cover his specific office floor space.

Ultimately Britt discovered that his chair mat options were limited.

He needed a ventilated mat to prevent more mildew problems. He needed a custom-sized mat to fit his office. He needed a heavy-duty mat to handle the demand he'd have. He looked for one that would meet these criteria, but couldn’t find anything.

Then Britt discovered a local business that had the solution he needed.

The Hot Springs Series Bison Mat

Bison Mat could solve Britt’s problems:

  • The Hot Springs mat is ventilated to prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath. It breathes, allowing air to be released.
  • Bison Mat’s products were thick enough for Britt’s carpeting and the high demands he puts on it with his chair and workspace.
  • Bison Mat's products can be custom-sized. The Hot Springs Series Bison Mat, just like every product from Bison Mat, was available in standard sizes but also in custom sizes.

Britt was able to order a mat that worked perfectly his home office space. With the office remodel complete, the new custom-sized, ventilated floor mat installed, and work in his home office back to its regular pace, Britt enjoys a mat that let’s him move easily while it prevents the recurrence of mildew.

With each of these stories,  we are able to point to another satisfied customer. We look at Britt and recognize that, once again, we did our job so that our customers can do their jobs.

If you want to take a serious look at a simple solution for your office, let us know.
We can get you the chair mat that make it possible for you to never think about a chair mat again. 

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