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At Bison Mat, we’ve spent years perfecting a craft that many people don't really give much thought to. It's a particularly specific area of passion, one that often requires a bit of an introduction to people before they really understand what we do and why we do it. On one hand, it's pretty simple. On another, it takes some education and conversation to unpack what really matters in an office chair mat. Spending money on your home or work office space sometimes takes some convincing.

 A cheap chair mat - like one from one of the big box stores - is weak. It cracks. It won’t always break in the first three months, but it will always break. But here's the thing: Because it’s cheap, people tend to ignore the inconvenience of it. They throw it away and simply jump online to buy a new one. Usually people tend to ignore the cracks under their feet.

But things that are cheap always reveal themselves as cheap, and things that are cheap end up costing us.

Eventually, everything breaks down. Read more about that here: Physics for Idiots. The question that we want to answer at Bison Mat is simple: how do we slow down that “everything breaks down” principle of thermodynamics with a product that is stronger, better engineered, and less prone to turning into something that ends up in the trash?

The quality of our products means that most of our customers will only buy from us once - which is admittedly a challenging business model. But it also means that we are helping businesses stay more productive and efficient. We're helping people who work from home keep their carpets from holding in moisture and keep their wood floors from being damaged by the castors on their chairs.

We're helping businesses save money over the long-haul and doing our best to force thermodynamics to pump the brakes a bit. 

To find out more or to set your own office space up with quality under your feet, check out our chair mats

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