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Bison Mat: A One-Time Decision

When we manufacture office chair mats, we do it with the strongest, most durable materials available. We do it thinking about our customers and what they need. We do it with the expectation that they’ll buy a chair mat for their workspace and then never have to think about buying a chair mat for that space again.

At Bison Mat, we’re doing more than building a furniture piece for your office. We’re building efficiency into your work day.

 Aside from being built well, our chair mats are also built smart.

If you’ve ever rolled sideways in your office chair and off the edge of a chair mat, you’ll appreciate the beveled edges on our mats. They allow you to move on and off with much more ease. And for customers who buy our Grand Teton Series mats or Hot Spring Series mats, you’ll appreciate it even more. In these cases, a beveled edge is the difference between a subtle and gentle roll on and off the carpet and a fall from a height of over a quarter-inch!

Perhaps we should start including “Beveled Edges Saved My Life” T-shirts with every purchase.

A Chair Mat for Your Space

Our ability to custom-cut a mat that is specifically designed to fit your workspace makes a difference as well. It allows you to not accommodate your workspace to the mat available to you at a big-box retail store. It means you make the rules for what your space should be.

A Chair Mat for Your Needs

The variety of mats that we offer are specifically designed to address certain workspaces. You can see our various mats here to see how a workspace with moisture issues can be addressed differently than a workspace with thick carpeting.

Your workspace should feel like just that: like your space. What’s under your feet shouldn’t be something you think about. It should simply support you as you go about your busy day.

Why a Bison Mat Should be Your Next Purchase

At Bison Mat, we’re selling you more than a chair mat. We’re selling you the ability to let go of a least one detail in your day so that you can focus on what you want to focus on. We’re selling you something that will protect you, your workspace, and your productivity.

When you buy a Bison Mat, you’re buying something one time, so that you won't have to think about it ever again.

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