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At Bison Mat, we are manufacturers of the highest quality chair mat available on the market. Our product is stronger and more durable than any other. And while you can find a cheaper mat, you cannot find a better one.

Quality as a Standard

Most people don’t go cheap on their chairs.

They spend good money on a chair. They need something that will support them for 8 to 10 hours a day. They need something that will keep their backs from aching and their shoulders from slouching.

Most people don’t go cheap on their phones.

Not a lot of rotary phones in use these days, and most people spend between $500 and $1,000 to stay connected just with their cell phone. Many have office phones in addition.

Most people don’t go cheap on a desk.

They may not spend thousands on a hand-carved masterpiece from a single block of Nordic hickory pulled from the attic of an old seaman’s chapel in Nantucket, but they also have a desk that works for them.

Most people don’t go cheap on a computer.

They need something that won’t fail them at the most critical part of their day. They need the software and hardware that will help them be successful. They need to work hard without interruption, and the right technology makes that possible.

Most people don’t go cheap on lights.

If bulbs were burnt out or flickering, they’d fix the problem before they even continued their workday. They want natural feeling light that won’t cast distracting shadows. They like to create a mood, and lights are critical for that.

Most people go cheap on a chair mat.

It’s just the truth. They’ll spend money on everything else in their space. When it comes to the mat under their feet and chair, however, they settle for something from a big-box store that cracks and splinters.

And that's why we exist.

At Bison Mat, we believe that the work we do is essential. People should be surrounded by quality when they’re doing their work. It’s what puts us on our relentless pursuit of one-time customers. Once a person buys a Bison Mat, they won’t have to buy another one. It will last. It will protect their floor and chair. It will maintain the standard for quality that they have in every other part of their home or work office.

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