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If you've never golfed before i'll describe it like this. Usually you start your day in a fantasic mood, you're excited, maybe even optimistic about your golf swing. Then reality sets in and this game is incredibly hard and makes you hate the planet. And all your trying to do is put a ball in a hole. It's easy.

I Love This Game

I don't know why I do but I do. If you can get the fact that you're totaly trash at golf out of your head and start enjoying the beautiful landscape infront of you, you actually might have a good time. 

My cousin Riely, great uncle Kenny, and great unlce Gary all took a trip to a golf course in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The course is right on the coast with mountain ranges in the background. It is the most spectacular thing i've ever experienced in my life. 

The highlight of the course was us pulling up to hole 4. It's a par three right on the coast and as we drive up we see dolphins maybe 200 yards out surfacing. I'm thinking, " They better get to moving cause my ball is coming in hot and right at them". The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. It's beautiful and now i'm about to forget all of that after I slice my last Callaway supersoft golf ball into the ocean.

I Love This Game

Another highlight of the golf trip was me on hole 18. At this point i'm regreting everything and in my head about my swing. I just want to go home. Off the tee box I slice a ball into the ocean, of course. Side note my ball is like a magnet to sand traps. So I take a drop on a nice hill, flat ground and not a sand trap insight. Pin is prolly 130 Yards out. I grab my 9 iron and approuch my ball. I go through my pre swing routine, feelin good. I hit the ball about 40 yards way the hell right. The ball rolls into a sand trap, SOMEHOW. My two uncles are absolutely dying of laughter falling out of there golf cart. Giving me so much slander. 

That's the fun of the game though. Getting a group of friends and family together giving eachouther shit and just laughing. We laughed the hole time and it's a real bonding expereience. I can't wait till next year and do it all over again.

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