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Our Newest Project

Growing, developing, and improving our craft has been a staple to our success here at Bison Mat Co. Each and every day brings a new challenge, or question to be answered. Our most recent endeavor brought us together with the well known business, Lennar Homes. Lennar is a company focused on interior design in new homes across the country, which they oversee, build, and perfect. Our partnership with them included the idea of a gift package of two of our largest, premium charcuterie boards to date. 

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 There's Always an Answer

The creation of the boards, (measuring in at 36” by 22”), was a hefty task which tested the limits of our creative abilities. The resources poured into this project alone differentiated this from any task we have tackled prior. However, here at Bison Mat, there is no mountain too high to be summited. From the acquisition of our high quality black walnut wood, to our premium, food-safe resin, we can tackle any task, and create the art piece your kitchen so desperately needs. 

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We look forward to collaborating with Lennar in the future, and we hope to have the opportunity to create with you, the customer, as well. Any idea you may have as the homeowner can, and will be workshopped and created to your full satisfaction.

 Where To Find Us

Stay tuned into our blog for future updates within the business. For inquiries regarding charcuterie boards, and more for your home, visit secondhandrosebuffalo on Facebook

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