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What Makes Our Product Last?

Quality, Custom Durability.

Our mats are built to last; designed to give you the longevity you were expecting when you bought your first office floor mat. From the sturdiness of their construction to the specifics of their fit in your unique workspace, we take quality and dependability in a floor mat to a new level. 

Here's What We Mean by Dependability  

Each part of our mats is engineered for strength and durability, lasting through the wear and tear of daily use and working effectively in humid environments, on high pile carpet surfaces, or in any office setting. Each mat is guaranteed to last. 

One component of our engineered mats that set us apart? Carpet Grippers.

Carpet grippers might seem like something inconsequential to a chair mat. They also might seem to be common. You can go to any one of the big box retailers and find a chair mat that has carpet grippers on the bottom.

What Makes the Carpet Grippers On a Bison Mat Unique? 

The carpet grippers on a Bison Mat are just like other carpet grippers on the other guys’ mats. But they're different in this: they protect the integrity of the most durable mat on the market. 

Bison Mat products are the most durable, well-designed chair mats you can buy. They’re built differently than other chair mats; engineered, customized, lasting. The carpet grippers stabilize your mat, reducing shifts and keeping it from bowing underneath the weight of your chair’s castors. They bring stability and protect your workspace. 

The reason you want to keep your chair mat from shifting underneath you is because each movement underneath the weight of an office chair can compromise the integrity of the mat. When the mat is kept stable, it is protected from shifts, seams, and splits. The strength and durability of your chair mat is reinforced by the work we’ve done to include grippers to the bottom of your chair mat. By reducing the mat’s ability to shift, we’re improving the integrity, and life, of your mat. 

The Greatest Benefit

The greatest benefit to our carpet grippers? Executive Training!

Carpet grippers are handy for team building exercises in your office. Instead of trust falls or walks across burning coals to show team unity, consider flipping your Bison Mat upside down and cheering your executives on as they walk across the mats in their stocking feet together. Just a thought.  

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