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Bison Mat: A Strong, Dependable Chair Mat 

Maybe you’ve heard that our mats can withstand a shotgun blast from 30 feet*. It's true. If you watch the video here, you’ll see the most ridiculous experiment we’ve ever conducted. 

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been doing the same thing, building strong, quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

Our claims aren’t unique. Everyone says that they value quality and customer service. What everyone’s not saying is that they’re building quality chair mats.

We’ve committed ourselves to quality over and over, but it’s never gotten old. Each time an order comes in for a chair mat, we get another opportunity to meet a customer’s need; to solve a customer’s problem. Each time we ship a new mat, we know that what we’ve sent will make someone’s life easier.

Since we started, Bison Mat has been known for quality. And while the name of our company may have changed, and while we may have come up with fancy, super-hip and earthy terminology to describe our various mats, our passion and commitment to quality keep us focused on what makes our mats unique: durability, customization, problem-solving, awesomeness, and strength.


Our mats last so long that we have far too many one-time customers. Seriously. Buy one of our mats and you won’t need to buy another. So once we’ve sold a chair mat to every person on the planet, we’re going to have to start a new company. Maybe we'll create a chair mat app.


Our mats can be cut to the size you need. We challenge you to challenge that claim. Consider ordering a chair mat that’s shaped like a lamp or a banana. Try one that looks like a rooster or a minivan. It wouldn't be practical, but we could do it. Whatever your workspace needs, we can design a mat that will work. 


We work with customers to make sure the problems they're trying to solve are addressed with the solution we provide. Whether its moisture trapped below the mat or dogs scratching your wood floor, we’ve seen…and solved…it all.


We're the home of the most widely-read office chair mat blog on the Internet. That’s a pretty big deal.


Our mats are the strongest on the market. They won’t bow or crack under the weight of your chair’s castors. They won’t wear out months after your purchase. They don't fold so they won’t crack along seams. Our Grand Teton and Hot Springs series chair mats (the thickest mats on the market) are over a 1/4 inch thick! The strength and durability of our mats is one of the biggest differentiators from our competitors.

Durability and Strength

These terms are ultimately more than an anecdote. They’re a promise. They mean that you can rely on us for a solution that lasts. They’re evidence that we’re not just trying to move product…we’re trying to help people.

*This statement is not a guarantee that Bison Mat chair mats will provide adequate protection against gunfire. People looking for actual protection from bullets should consider not using furniture or office supplies.

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