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At Bison Mat, we offer something that not many others — in fact probably no others — can offer: a premium chair mat with a premium customer experience. It’s a unique business that’s incredibly rewarding. The more we do the work we do, the more amazing business leaders, entrepreneurs, and collaborators we meet who are just as committed to quality as we are.

Another thing about Bison Mat: We are on a constant — and fun — pursuit of one-time customers. Our products are high-quality enough that most people won't ever need to buy another. Because of that, it gives us time to help our customers compile other office essentials that they otherwise wouldn’t have considered buying.


The Portable Record Playing Hippy Van

This is seriously the coolest thing you could put in your office (besides a chair mat that can stop bullets). It’s a conversation starter while also an entertainment center. There’s not really much else to say.

Circadian Optics Therapy Lamp

This is especially for those who live places where winter seems to never end. Circadian Optics offer you the benefits of sunlight even if you’re living in an Arctic wasteland.

A Staple of the American Workplace

For those who have been told they could listen to their music at a reasonable volume. Why have a stapler at all if it’s not going to be the red Swingline stapler

An Office Pick-Me-Up is full of some of the most uninspiring, and devastatingly honest, messages. Consider a coffee mug or poster that helps you put into perspective the harsh realities of life. What better way to engage in your work day each morning than by reading the words, “Dare to Soar. With enough hot air, even losers like you can fly.”

Bison Mat
You knew this one was coming. And it’s not even really a “semi-essential” as the title suggests, any more than anything that’s quality is semi-essential. Quality costs more, but it also lasts. It protects other things you’ve spent money on. It reflects your standards while it also helps you set them.

So happy shopping! As you set up your workspace, remember that we’re here to help you each step of the way. Let us know what kind of space you have and we’ll get you set up with the chair mat you’ve always needed.

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