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At Bison Mat, we’re a small operation. There’s just a few of us at our shop, and we each wear a variety of hats. No two days are spent exactly the same and not many days are spent doing the same thing all day. We’ll do sales calls while we change out blades in our production equipment. We’ll ship out an order to the West Coast, wrap up some invoicing, and then work together to build out an order of 160 mats. We’ll install software, go to sales meetings, Google things like, “how to fix a forklift,” and sweep the shop floor before we grab a Chipotle bowl for lunch. The point? The work we do is good work…but it also requires versatility. Flexibility. The ability to do things like “roll with the punches” and “stay the course.” It requires flexibility and commitment, being willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done.


Hard Work is Nothing New

We aren’t the originators the first or last people who need to understand the value of hard work and versatility. Anyone who has started a business or run one knows how to take on any and all necessary roles in order to succeed. Doing estimates all morning, invoicing all afternoon, and marketing strategy after dinner: All so that the business can grow. Anyone who’s set their sites on a goal and has done the hard work necessary to make it a reality has become familiar with versatility and commitment.

Hard work is what makes us love what we do.

Don’t get us wrong. We like a day off as much as the next guy. We love playing bags and being with our friends and family. We like going to the cabin. We love thinking about where our business could be in 10 years and sometimes have a hard time with the day-in and day-out grind of getting it there. But we also have an appreciation for hard work and for people who have helped us appreciate it. We’ve seen it demonstrated to us by our parents and various relatives who are business owners. We’ve seen it pay off.

We believe that the work someone does does not define them. But how they do it certainly shows us a lot about them.

And that’s why we do what we do.

The work that we do at Bison Mat connects us with people across the country. Hard work is…hard. But it’s worth it.

Whether we’re working with business owners of a small mom-and-pop shop or with a person in a cubicle that’s part of a massive conglomerate, we know what it takes to make something work. It takes commitment, versatility, and flexibility. It takes hard work. We want to provide business owners, companies, departments, and individuals with the partnerships and products that will make their hard work pay off.

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