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Not really a word you expect to be used in describing chair mats. Maybe words like “tan” or “plastic.” Maybe even “big” or “square” and sometimes “rectangle.” But performance? Maybe, if we’re really trying to make a connection, we could say “performance” with our mats refers to the fact that they last longer than any other mat on the market. Or maybe we could say it has to do with the fact that our mats have stopped a shotgun blast and can keep floors with moisture issues from developing mold and mildew. Or maybe performance could be about how we treat our customers or how our product is high quality or about any number of other marketing messages that are true and important about a Bison Mat.


But that all feels a bit like a stretch. Or maybe it just feels too simple, like we’re trying to make chair mats fit into some cliché marketing narrative. And that’s why we like to think about performance a bit differently. We like to talk about the work that our mats do. The actual work they do. We’re talking about protection as performance.

If you want to measure our product on performance, look at how it protects your floor.

A customer recently reached out to us who had an office with wood floors. It was a new space; one they liked that had a good vibe with nice new furniture. They noticed that the salt and dirt they were tracking in from the wintery mess outside was getting scraped across the floors by the castors on their chairs. At first they assumed the scratch marks could be cleaned off, as though it was just salt leaving a mark on the floor. But they discovered that, instead, the scratches from their chairs were permanent on their wood floors. They were damaging their space every time they scooted in closer to their desks. Their vibe was being damaged.

We outfitted them with 5 of our Plains series mats, and their floors are now protected. Their space is kept looking pretty slick and they can measure the performance of our mats based on floors that they DON’T have to worry about any more. Their space is now complete because it’s being protected from the elements.

When you’re looking at outfitting your office with everything from the ground up, don’t think about individual items and whether they are cheap or expensive. Think about your office as a whole. Your lamps, your desk, your plants, and your floor are all working together to give you a workspace that supports your productivity.

At Bison Mat, we’re committed to building mats that will perform for you - by protecting the space that helps you be productive. Find that mat that's right for you space here. 

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