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At Bison Mat, we’ve built a business around building a high quality workspace. We're creating spaces for hard work, creativity, and ingenuity, where people can get what they need to build out the right kind of workspace.


If you’ve already bought a cheap mat…

The majority of our customers are coming to us after having purchased at least one mat from either a big box retailer or from an online store. They spent somewhere between $20 and $50 for their mat and it lasted them anywhere from 1 to 4 years.

So why switch? $20 on a mat every 3 years isn’t much money.

Here’s what we know about what we do:

Bison Mat is for people who know that the space they create for their work is just as important as the work they create in their space. From having a workspace that’s well laid out and a computer that won’t slow you down to having the right lighting, the right chair, and the right artwork on the walls, the space you create around you matters.

A Bison Mat is part of the space you need to create.

The mat will last.
It’s strong (strong enough to withstand a shotgun blast). Day after day of wear and tear won’t cause it to crack, warp, splinter, or split.
The mat will fit in your space.
We have standard sizes but can also create a mat to fit your workspace. Any size. Any shape.
The mat is premium.
You shouldn’t compromise on quality. Cheap things always reveal how cheap they are over time. Spend the money. Invest in your space.

We care about the quality of our products because we care about the quality of the workday of our customers. We want to see our customers perform. When people invest in custom, quality engineering for their workspace through buying a Bison Mat, their investing in creating a space where hard work, creativity, and ingenuity are valued.

To order your mat, start shopping. It will be an investment worth making.

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