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Have you ever gotten something and then wondered why you lived without it for so long?

Durability, whether in a floor mat or something else, is something you don’t really appreciate until you’ve had something that’s cheap. And by “cheap” we’re not talking about something that’s affordably-priced. We’re talking about poorly made, not-long-lasting products that have a limited life span.

Once you’ve owned something cheap, you realize why it’s worth spending money.

Remember the couch you bought that was on sale? On the display floor it looked like it would look perfect in your living room. As it turns out, it only looks good as long as no one ever uses it. Once it’s home you see the back cushions always collapse and the middle is getting worn down. What looked like the living room set you’d been wanting becomes the living room set you don't mind spilling soup on.

Remember the cheap tennis shoes you had in 3rd grade? They were bright white, probably fairly wide, and had the word “sport” or “tech” in their name. For the most part, they looked just as shiny and high-performing as any of those NBA-endorsed, high-flying pairs that the other kids had. They looked great in late August and by February had a sole that was flapping in the wind.

Or what about the jeans you bought that cost a mere $9? They were on-sale. But they were garbage. Even if they had been high quality, they looked terrible. And soon you found yourself wearing them because they were a good deal and not because they worked for you. Soon, neither the zipper nor the style worked.

Durability is an investment. When you pay a price for something, you’re paying for something more than the actual product you’re purchasing.

Pay for durability and you’re also paying for productivity.

It’s actually a cost savings to you to spend the money on the right product. It keeps you from focusing on unnecessary tasks throughout your day. It allows you to “set it and forget it;” to move on without unnecessary distractions. It allows you to be focused on what matters — the job in front of you — and not on what doesn’t. It allows you to have a workspace that’s well-equipped from floor-to-ceiling.

Durability is a worthwhile investment.

At Bison Mat, we are on a relentless pursuit of one-time customers. Each of our mats is going to last. It won’t crack and splinter like that cheap mat that you bought last time. It’s not going to be something you have to think about any more, and because of that, you’ll be good to “set it and forget it.” Our customers buy a mat and don’t buy another one for their workspace.

If you haven’t become one of our one-time customers, you can by clicking here.
If you still aren’t sold on paying for durability in a chair mat, let’s talk.
We can probably convince you.

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