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When it comes to the look you want your workspace to have…the vibe you want it to carry…there is no shortage of opportunities to make it unique. From standard, big-box solutions that drip with the stylings of Swedish minimalism to custom-made, hand-carved pieces from timbers salvaged from an old seaman’s chapel in Nantucket, the possibilities to make your space your own are endless. It comes down to what you want and what you want to spend. It comes down to taste. It comes down to what matters to you and to the work you do or the things you care about. 

As you figure out what you want to do with your space, it’s worth asking a few questions: 

Does your space need to inspire you?

This isn’t IBM in the 1980’s. An office is much more than a desk, a chair, and a lamp. It has to look and feel like you. It has to show what you care about and it has to be a place that lets you think freely and work effectively. While you may not need to buy inspirational posters or have a zen garden, you certainly need to care about the space you’re in and feel like the space cares about you. The work that we do at Bison Mat is actually more about helping people create that kind of experience than it is about helping to protect high pile carpet from chair castors. 

Is your space for personal use? 

If you drive into the office everyday but have a desk at home that you use for paying bills or gaming, the space you create may have some different needs. Chair mats aren’t just for work. As a seller and expert in all things floor mats, we have seen people buy our mats for all sorts of reasons. Consider that it’s worth spending money to protect your flooring. Whether it’s carpeting that you just installed or wood floors that are prone to scratching and scuffing, your chair can cause significant damage to your floor over time. 

An office chair mat is part of an office experience. It may not seem like it is at first glance. A chair mat’s a chair mat after all. 

 But really it’s not.

BisonMat WA chair mat holds the chair that sits on the floor of the office space where you do the things that matter to you. On a Side Note: If you hate your job or your work doesn’t matter to you, give us a call. Maybe we can hire you to drive a forklift or connect with business owners who are trying to build a space that works for them. If you’re working from home or setting up your gaming space, that mat is protecting the floor that you need to pay to replace if it gets damaged. If you’re at work, that mat is protecting your boss’s office furniture budget line item. If your chair mat is cheap and fragile, it’s an inevitable headache in two or twelve months.

The possibilities for your space are endless. The opportunities to make your space look and feel like yours are abundant. What it takes from you is to know enough about who you are, what matters to you, and why quality is important to you. If you're ready to create your space, we can help

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