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Tune In and Listening

Those words seem simple at first glance and don't have to mean a whole lot. I listen to podcasts, the train going by, the dog barcking and I think that's listening. I found myself completely out of tune with who I am and what I wanted to do. I had no plan to anything.

My name is Carter Johnson I'm the co owner of Bison Mat Company. I'm 20 years old and I want to tell you somethings i've learned. I forget sometimes I have a place to put all these thoughts I have. I'm only 20 so take it for what you will but be willing to hear me out.

Like I said, "Listening". I wasn't truly listening. I was too busy in my own head worrying about things that weren't real. I have this anxiety about social interactions and making a great first impression with people. I was overthinking and second guessing every word that came out of my mouth. I wasn't being my true self. I hated feeling this way everytime I met someone new.

Something that made me feel more comfortable was simplily just listening. Listen to what someone has to say and resond with a question. WOW. It was that easy. Instead of overhtinking and trying to figure what "the best thing to say" was I just listened. 

I could have deeper conversations with peeople and I got to know people much deeper. 

If you're someone that struggles with social anxiety, try listenting. The next time your at a dinner party or at the bars meeting new people. Just listen to what people have to say and be in the moment. 

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